Reinvigorate Yourself.

We offer a wide variety of facials to meet every need.  Some of our specialties include anti-aging facials, de-stressing facials, teen skin facials, as well as facials designed with the principles of the ancient Indian art of Ayurveda.  

Feel free to come into the salon and have our expert aestheticians help you choose!  Give us a call for our most updated offerings and see if we have any new facials to offer.

Regular Cleansing for Teens

This facial is good for teens who wants cleanse their skin. Total time is around 30 min.

Para Fine Facial

Skin softening cream replacing body oils and moisture, keeping the skin soft and smooth. Tone and relaxes the muscles, protecting the skin and keeping it healthy. Lavender Paraffin with grape seed Oil Pack: – Lavender relieves stress to soothe and calm the skin.

Sparkling Skin Facial

Natural exfoliants, removing dull, dead skin cell to instantly reveal smooth, radiant skin. Strawberry Gel :- It makes your skin clean & healthy. It gives a new glow to the face. Massage cream contains precious herbs along with vitamin E that restores a smooth radiance & collagen elasticity to the skin. This cream helps renewal process, improves skins firness, leaving skin radiant and luminous Black Saweed Sparkling Mask :- Have the special and beautiful tropical and precious plant of Thailand. White function, exclusion stain, have the good treatment result to the comedones, skin flexibility, usage deeply white.

Tightening Facial

Skin food which has a vitaminised built in emollient system. Excellent poduct for dehydrated, dry or mature skin. It contains Vit-E which restores collagen elasticity and gives it a youthful glow. Tightening Pack :- Thermoherb head ideally accclerates abosorpation of natural nutrients and vanishes wrinkles.

Moisturizing Age-Defying Facial

Strawberry Slush (gel base skin cleanser with the property too keep the texture smooth & soft while cleansing. Lacto Bleach: – Helps to lighten the skin complexion and reduces the effect of dark patches and skin tan. Honey spring skin toner: A cooling and skin softening skin tonic effectively used for cleaning the make-up and dirty & dust particles. Lilac cream: – A smooth textured face and cream, which counteracts dryness and soft supple touch to skin. Protein face Pack: A tightening and protein face pack, which is ideal for use on mature, wrinkled and loose skin. It helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture.

De-Pigmentation Facial

Papaya Scrub: Remove dead epithelial cells & deep cleanse the skin. The rubbing of papaya fruit helps keep up natural skin renewal leaving skin fresher and younger looking. Cream: Skin whitening and Depigmentation cream contains extracts of coconut, dandelion, manjistha and natural oils that helps lightening skin blemishes and in depigmentation. Pack: – Papaya enzymes and citrus extracts have natural bleaching property to improve the completion of the skin. Ideal for blemished, Pigmentation, dark patches and dark complexion.

Sensitive Facial

Massage with rich protective moisturizes. It’s very good for sensitive skin. It’s good for the brides and lot of acne skin. Pore Cleansing Masque:- An invigorating, mineral masque designed to deep cleanse the skin by removing impurities and clearing pores.

Shahnaz Forever Facial

Skin softening cream: – Luxurious cream for normal to dry skin, containing natural extracts, rich in Vitamins A and E. Prevents formation of lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin soft, smooth, radiant and free from blemishes. Relaxing Aromatherapy face pack: – Specially formulated for all types. It helps to nourish the skin and tighten the pores, making skin satin smooth. (Skin clarifying face pack)

Gold Facial

Beauty Grains: – Specially blended peel granular pack, which helps to peel the thin layer of dead cells. Minute grinded added gold, gives polishing effect to the skin. Cleanser:- The gold film is dissolved in the cream to soften the epidermal layer. Cream:- Gold blended massage get which ensures better penetration to the skin thereby increasing bollod circulation. It enhances the body energy levels & revitalizes the skin. Pack:-To enhance the texture & shine of the skin. This moisturizing pack is used after the gold get massage. It revitalizes the skin and boosts the skin renewal and Hydration

Oxygen Facial

It helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin creating an enriched oxygen layer. Pack: – The mask helps to intercept the visible signs of ageing. Helping to preserve the youthful qualities of the skin, improves firmness & elasticity of the skin, making the texture soft & smooth, leaves the skin dehydrated and toned. Gives long lasting youthful glow.

Shahnaz Facial

The astringent and cooling property of the cream helps to remove itching and irritable skin condition. Removes scares, blemishes and dead cells from skin surface. Pack: – Rejuvenating skin balm with Bealgiri Powder, Khajoor, Almond Powder, Chandan, Hone, Gauruja etc.

Ayurvedic Facial

Sandal Wood Cream protects and heals the skin. It protects skin from the harmful effect of sun and environmental pollution. (Saffron, Sandalwood, Carrot, Coconut Milk Cream) Pack: – Shine Booster & Rejuvenator Pack mineral salt of Magnesium, Calcium, and Iodine. It has basil Oil, Lavender oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil. It relaxes and firms tired skin and leaves skin receptive. (Fruit Pack, Skin Whitening, Fairness Pack, Rejuvenate & Hydrating face pack and Pistachio Pack)

Fruit Facial

An anti-ageing formula with saffron, wheat germ which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. (Saffron, Mango, All Mix fruit, etc.) Pack: – Improves the skin texture, firmness and elasticity. Instant glowing effect.

Herbal Facial

Cream, rich in emollients and ingredients, gives an immediate lift to dull & dehydrated skin. Pack: Effective ameliorates tired skin caused from strain and stress. Leave skin with more brightness, smoothness, more elasticity and softness.


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